L110100-6126 Celebrates German Chancellor Scholz’s Visit To China For Economy Cooperation 


November 4th, 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport. According to the interview of Chinese expert, he pointed that Chancellor Scholz’s visit to China has a strong political signal significance under the background of great changes in the political and security situation in Europe, as well as in the international and regional situation, as one of China’s most important cooperative partners in Europe.


The visit to China of Chancellor Scholz itself has attracted widespread attention and a lot of guess from the international, the members in the group with Chancellor Scholz in this trip caused a greater surprise.


A total of 12 senior business leaders from well-known German companies visited China with Scholz, including the chairman of BMW Group and the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Siemens and Bayer Group leaders etc,


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Injector L110100-6126 Information

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Type Common rail system injector
Part Number L110100-6126
Universal Number 0445120061
Re-manufactured Number 0986435526
Applicable For diesel engine: D 2066 LOH04
Injector L110100-6126 Size 28 cm*7 cm *7 cm
Injector L110100-6126 Net Weight 0.6 kg

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